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Employment is the most effective way of giving people independence, financial security and a sense of belonging. Employment4all aims to help people in difficulties and those from disadvantaged groups to get skills, to get jobs and have the same opportunities as others do.

Employment4All will use our employer engagement expertise and recruitment skills to broker connections between government departments, regional and local authorities, third sector providers and our expansive network of employers.

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Employment 4 All

Employment 4 All (CIC) – puts people first and is devoted to combating social exclusion. Social exclusion arises when, for a variety of reasons, an individual, or a group, faces difficulties or discrimination in some aspects of their everyday lives, such as gaining employment. We care about all jobseekers (including those with experience of homelessness, offending history, domestic abuse, care) and under-represented groups ( including BAME, LGBT, Women, Ex – servicemen ) to overcome challenges and barriers to gain employment. We want everyone to gain independence, inclusion and control over their lives.

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Employment 4 All

At Employment 4 All we believe everyone has the right to live a decent and dignified life and an opportunity for rewarding work. We are a social purpose organisation founded from humble beginnings in 2021 to challenge inequality and break down barriers to enable social mobility for as many people as possible.

As Founder/CEO, I had been an Employer Engagement Consultant with a busy, caring Christian Charity and operator of a Foodbank Network, employment support programmes and Women’s safe spaces/ Hubs in The London Borough of Southwark.  I supported their wonderful clients who were either self referred, or referrals from the Foodbanks, DWP  JobCentre Plus branches, Homeless Winter Shelters, Citizens Advice, Probation Services and the Woman’s Hubs. Mostly, the clients had experience of disadvantage such as poverty, homlessness, disabilities, offending history, long term unemployed, Lone parents  and a high proportion of BAME service users.   With the help of amazing employer partners we excelled in finding careers and training opportunities with partner organisations such as:

Transport For London, Mitie, Network Rail, Bardwood Support Services, Focus Logistics, Avondale Construction, Lendlease, Durkan Construction, Centerpoint, Poppy’s Funerals, K & M McLoughlin Decorating, The London School of Economics, Bombardier, Cleshar, Flo, Nando, Morgan Stanley, The Royal Academy of Arts, Her Majesty’s Courts, Lloyds Bank Bupa, Healthcare & Catering, Berkley Scott, De Charles Gather & Gather, Harvey Nichols Fortnum & Mason, The HiltonHotels, OMNI Services……..and many  more.

I also worked as an Employer Engagement Lead for a large Global Company providing Health and employment services, commissioned by government departments, regional and local authorities and employers.

Employment 4 All was founded as a not for profit social enterprise in the employment sector, drawing from all the employer engagement and recruitment expertise gained from previous experience. We put people at the centre, knowing the right support at the right time can make a huge difference to an individual’s life. We believe in sharing our employer engagement and recruitment expertise to broker connections to support charity and government partners to deliver their mandated responsibilities to create sustainable community legacies and employment. Our services are based on our belief that employers is a core pathway to a better life.


At Employment 4 ALL, we pride ourselves on our kind and caring charitable heart with a business brain. Our approach is to maximise the social value for the individuals and communities we support.

Our Vision

A future where good, meaningful, rewarding, purposeful and dignified employment is accessible to all in society irrespective of life circumstances.

Our Mission

To focus our experience, skills and passion to deliver the highest quality services for the people we support and to improve opportunities and access to sustainable employment.

Our Commitment

To source high quality employment, training opportunities and access to complementary services for people with complex needs, challenging life circumstances or other barriers that impact on access to work.

I would like to thank Janine . This lady, influencer, social fighter, creative, adaptable, broad minded and selfless person has helped me over come my barrier to work. Although I had qualifications, being a women at a certain age and been through the Justice System, I found it hard to get work. But along came Janine who used all her networking ability to secure a job for me which I am still 2 years later. She always thinking of new ways to allow anyone to reach their goals no matter what their status in life. Thank you Janine.

Miss. M

When I broke up with my wife, I never imagined I would also not have a home and be on the streets for 5 months. I got a Homeless winter night shelter space in church halls. My support worker at the shelter introduced me to Janine.

She found me an in-house security role at a London University, which meant I didn’t need an SIA Licence. She took me to a pre interview meeting, arranged for Suited and Booted to give me a smart suit, shirts, shoes, socks, ties and a warm smart coat. So I was really confident for the interview. I got the job 2 years ago and I am really happy.

My boss knows my circumstances, but no one else would believe that the man they see in a suit was a rough sleeper. I feel sad when I see the same people I used to know are still on the same streets. But I am so grateful I can afford a roof over my head and money in the bank as savings. I am glad Employment4All will help more homeless people like me.

Mr. B

To be honest if my mum hadn’t asked Janine for help I would be in prison or been knifed. I was 19 and was involved things I am not proud of. Janine enrolled me in a 4 week work placement programme for BAME young people. At the end of the 4 weeks, I got offered an engineering role. I do welding on trains and I have had 3 pay rises since I started. I mostly work nights so my pay is really good. At work we get random drug and alcohol testing, so I don’t touch them, I would never risk my job. I have seen many of the people I used to hang around with go to jail. I feel blessed the way things have gone for me. I have my own shared ownership flat and a nice set of wheels and I still can afford to help buy things for my mum and sister.

Mr. M

In November 2019 I was homeless. I went to the Wednesday club for homeless people at Elephant & Castle where you can have shower and get a hot meal. I was told I was lucky as a woman was coming to help us get jobs. I had a CSCS card and she called a man who said he would give me a chance and I could start on Monday. I am still on the same site with the same company and I work hard and I live in a nice place.

Mr. G

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All - Support Workers

At Employment4ALL we know employment can have a major impact on someone s life. It provides purpose and boosts confidence. It offers a sense of achievement. Being on a training scheme or a work placement can provide structure and routine to someone’s day, improving their motivation and sense of identity.

We appreciate all the dedicated and hard work you do to support disadvantaged job seekers. We know you may have large caseloads and may have limited time to dedicate to sourcing employment opportunities.

Our team of experienced and dedicated employer engagement specialists will engage with revolutionary and forward thinking employers with hiring policies that create social value. We will help you source supported employment, apprenticeship and training opportunities for your clients. We aim to demonstrate to employers that although some clients may have experience of disadvantage, or often marginalised in society, or in underrepresented groups, they deserve to be given a chance to progress and bring about lasting change.

Whether you are an individual or a job/work coach, key worker, case worker, support worker, trainer, mentor, carer, volunteer….. Or anyone who just knows someone they wish to help….we are here to help.

All - Employers

We are a friendly and caring not for profit community interest company. We provide unique and specialist employer engagement services to assist those with experience of disadvantage and any other challenges to gain employment, independence, inclusion and control over their lives.

We support all charities, Job Centres, employment support organisations, Foodbanks, faith groups, community groups and volunteers who support people with a wide variety of disadvantages and under represented groups into employment. This includes, but is not limited to, those with experience of poverty, Homelessness, Offending History, Physical or Learning Disability, Identify as BAME/BIPOC, Care Leavers, Lone Parents, Ex Armed Forces, Domestic Violence Survivors. The impact of Covid-19 has widened inequalities amongst disadvantaged people and created a massive increase in unemployment.

We are passionate about expanding Employment4ALL partnerships with revolutionary and forward thinking employers with hiring practices that create social value. We are very interested in supporting Employers to provide supported hiring opportunities to assist these clients. Into employment.

All - Job Seeker Candidates

At Employment4ALL our mission is to help as many people in the community into employment. Our dedicated and experienced support team will match your skills with suitable employment opportunities.

We adopt an holistic approach and will also work with you to assist with the wrap around support that you require, for example, confidence building and wellbeing support, peer group mentoring and support, CV and employability support, training, clothing, food and if appropriate referrals to our partner charities and organisations.

All Donations

Employment4ALL was founded to provide employment opportunities with revolutionary and forward thinking employers with hiring practices, for all those with experience of disadvantage to gain employment, independence, inclusion and control over their lives. This includes, but is not limited to, those with experience of poverty, Homelessness, Offending History, Physical or Learning Disability, Identify as BAME/BIPOC, Care Leavers, Lone Parents, Ex Armed Forces, Domestic Violence Survivors. The impact of Covid-19 has widened inequalities amongst disadvantaged people and created a massive increase in unemployment.

Our experienced and dedicated employer engagement consultants secure supported, or ‘ring fenced’ employment opportunities and access to specialist recruitment events to break down barriers to employment for the disadvantaged and underrepresented, to transform lives. We have a proven track record to demonstrate that disadvantaged candidates make successful and valued members of staff.
Employment4ALL supports and hard working inspirational charities, support workers, faith groups, community volunteers who tirelessly do their best to support their clients, but have said they desperately need support with targeted job entry opportunities . The most caring small charities and support workers do not have the time or resources to actively source employment opportunities. Charities and support workers have seen a surge in the amount of people requiring support and caseload numbers due to Covid-19.

We want to assist more disadvantaged and marginalised people into careers as possible. Employment4ALL do not charge for our services, but rely on donations, grand and funding. All money donated will help individual disadvantaged job seekers who are in crisis with support for incidental needs for basics such as food, travel, clothing, renewing or funding cards such as CSCS (Construction Roles), SIA (Security Roles). Without extra funding this much needed support we will have to stop providing these amazing opportunities – hence, why we appreciate every penny.

Please donate!

A donation helps Employment4ALL continue to support people to overcome past difficulties and move forward with hope to make a positive contribution to society – we appreciate every peny.

Donate online

You can donate online using a credit or debit card by using the safe and secure Just Giving.

One-off or regular donations

You can send a cheque, payable to Employment4ALL to 167-169 Great Portland Street, 5th Floor, London W1W 5PF.

A regular donation, however small, makes a huge difference to us. If you wish to set up a standing order – please CONTACT US to request more information.

Gift aid

If you are a UK taxpayer, for every £1 that you give, the government will give an extra 25p – at no extra cost to you. Please download and complete our donation form so that we can make a claim.

Leave us a gift in your will

Help us to continue to give hope to people with convictions long into the future by leaving us a gift in your will. It’s easy to do, and your gift will be exempt from inheritance tax. Talk to your solicitor or read advice from the Charities Aid Foundation. If you do include Employment4ALL in your Will, it would be helpful if you would let us know by completing filling out a Legacy Pledge Form . This will help us to plan for the future and to thank you for your compassion and support.

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You don’t have to give your own money – use your skills and charm to get other people to give us cash! There are many ways from the dramatic – take part in a sponsored event in aid of Employment4ALL – to the simple – shop online through GiveAsYouLive
…and Amazon

Unfortunately we don’t have the in-house resources to support community fundraising, so we’d be doubly grateful to receive donations from you where you’ve gone that extra mile to act independently.

If you have any questions about any aspect of our fundraising, or need help with a sponsorship event, please CONTACT US


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